Coca-Cola's Dreamworld: Bridging Reality and AR

Coca-Cola's Dreamworld merges real-world landmarks with interactive AR murals


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When Coca-Cola introduced its limited-edition Dreamworld flavor soda, the brand sought to create a unique digital experience. Partnering with VMLY&R and utilizing Niantic's cutting-edge technology, they developed The Coca-Cola Dreamworld Mural, an immersive AR brand encounter that transforms real-world locations into dynamic AR murals. This initiative marked one of the first commercial uses of Lightship VPS for Web technology, showcasing the newfound potential of WebAR for brands.

The selection of locations for the Dreamworld Mural landmarks was strategic, with the primary activation site being The World of Coca-Cola in Downtown Atlanta. Three murals were installed throughout the property, providing visitors with an interactive way to engage with the Coke brand. Additionally, a fourth mural was activated at the Obelisk in New York City, allowing Dreamworld fans in New York to enjoy the experience as well.

For a limited period, visitors in both cities could open the Dreamworld Mural link, point their phones' cameras at the designated landmarks, and watch as AR art installations—featuring contributions from other visitors—came to life. Those feeling creative could participate by selecting from a variety of Dreamworld-themed digital assets to place on and around the landmarks. After completing their designs, they could tap “Submit” to update the mural, making it accessible for others to view and build upon.

A key feature of this initiative was the persistence enabled by Niantic's Lightship VPS for Web. Released in the fall, this technology allowed for the creation of geo-specific, persistent, multiplayer WebAR experiences. This meant that once users contributed to the mural, their additions remained visible for future visitors. This persistence fulfilled a long-standing promise of AR technology, allowing WebAR experiences like The Coca-Cola Dreamworld to become a reality.

The Coca-Cola Dreamworld Mural exemplified how brands could bridge the physical and digital worlds. As one of the first branded activations to utilize Lightship VPS for Web technology, it pushed the boundaries of what AR could achieve for brand engagement. By adding a digital layer to the real world, it opened up limitless possibilities for innovative brands to connect with their audiences in new and engaging ways.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read