Custom Fitness App with Music Integration

Yudiz developed a comprehensive, customizable fitness app integrating music platforms

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Yudiz developed an ideal fitness app featuring a variety of workouts designed for individuals who aspire to achieve the perfect body but lack the time to visit a gym. This comprehensive application includes training videos, customized workouts, a step counter, and a calorie calculator, catering to anyone aiming to begin or enhance their fitness journey. The client, a renowned fitness instructor from the UK, is dedicated to making fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of their fitness levels.

Recognizing the increasingly busy lifestyles and the rising cost of personal trainers, the client aimed to create an application that serves as a personal trainer, providing the right knowledge and techniques to perform workouts safely and effectively without the need for a gym.

During the design phase, Yudiz faced frequent changes to meet the client’s requirements. Synchronizing separate audio and video files was a significant challenge. Additionally, the client emphasized the importance of integrating music platforms like Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify into the app. Yudiz’s Android developers encountered difficulties with voice modulation for the audio alongside background music.

Yudiz developed the Android and iOS applications using Kotlin and Swift, respectively. The software development team successfully synchronized the voice-over with the video, ensuring users receive correct posture instructions for each exercise. Effective media management allowed seamless integration of music platforms with workout videos using their Beta versions. Users can input details such as gender, fitness goals, preferred workout duration, and location to access a variety of exercises, from full-body to muscle-targeted workouts. Interactive videos help maintain motivation and prevent injuries. The app also features calorie and step counters, making it an ideal tool for fitness enthusiasts.

Yudiz created an app that brings experienced fitness trainers to users’ mobile devices, offering streaming videos accessible anytime. Integrating music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music lets users enjoy their favorite songs during workouts. The app includes everything from warm-ups to finishers, along with periodic fitness tests and progress tracking to keep users motivated and focused on their goals.

Rrahul Sethi
June 14, 2024
5 min read