DEKRA Enhances Oil Transport Training with VR and AR

DEKRA uses VR and AR for improved oil transport training

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DEKRA, a leading global inspection organization, offers a wide range of qualified and independent expert services. Their extensive portfolio includes vehicle inspections, appraisals, damage services, industrial and building inspections, safety consulting, product and system testing and certification, as well as training and temporary work services.

The Challenge

One of the significant challenges DEKRA faces involves time-consuming tap closures when transporting mineral or heating oil. Product leakage and mixing during transportation can lead to severe process errors, causing extensive downtime at dispensing facilities and necessitating costly vehicle pumping procedures. Training personnel to avoid such errors has traditionally been difficult, as these scenarios are hard to simulate in real life.

VR Occupational safety training for DEKRA

The Solution

To address this issue, DEKRA introduced its first Virtual Reality (VR) Training on petrol station supply and tanker logistics at the beginning of 2020, in collaboration with the learning platform 3spin Learning. This VR training aims to provide immersive, realistic simulations that help participants prepare for the correct procedures and identify significant sources of error effectively.

Additionally, DEKRA is planning to implement an Augmented Reality (AR) measure to support drivers operationally through smart glasses. This AR addition will enable drivers to reliably recall the procedurally learned work steps during execution, further enhancing safety and efficiency.

VR Occupational safety training for DEKRA


The integration of VR and AR technologies will ensure that participants are thoroughly prepared for the correct procedures and can recall these procedures reliably during execution. This intensive procedure preparation will significantly reduce the likelihood of errors, thereby minimizing the risks associated with product leakage and mixing. This training program marks the beginning of DEKRA's long-term commitment to incorporating VR and AR technologies within the group, paving the way for future advancements in training and operational support across various sectors.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read