Enhancing E-commerce with AR: Zojila's Innovation Journey

Zojila revolutionized e-commerce engagement using augmented reality for product visualization

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Zojila, an e-commerce brand based in Lafayette, Indiana, faced significant challenges with customer engagement and conversions on their Shopify platform. Many potential customers hesitated to make purchases because they couldn't visualize how products would fit into their living spaces. To address these issues, Zojila sought to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) technology into their e-commerce experience.

Initially, Zojila provided STL files of their products, along with dimensions from Cryo. These files were converted into 3D models using Blender by the team at TA. To ensure compatibility across platforms, TA developed Glb files for Android and Usdz files for iOS devices, which allowed users to view products in AR.

A pivotal part of the solution was the creation of a Shopify App using React and Node.js. This app featured a "Visualize" button that enabled customers to see 3D models of products within their own home environments. Integrating the model-viewer into the Shopify store through a script-tag was a key technical challenge overcome by TA.

The impact of these solutions was substantial for Zojila. By adopting AR for e-commerce:

1. Customer engagement and confidence were significantly boosted as users could now visualize products in their own spaces before purchasing.

2. Efficiency in the shopping experience improved, as potential buyers were more likely to make informed decisions quickly.

3. Overall user experience was enhanced, offering a more interactive and convenient shopping journey.

This implementation of AR not only addressed Zojila's immediate challenges but also positioned them competitively in the crowded e-commerce market. It allowed them to differentiate by offering a unique and immersive shopping experience that bridged the gap between online browsing and physical retail interaction. As a result, Zojila saw improved customer retention and satisfaction, paving the way for continued growth and innovation in their online sales strategy.

Rrahul Sethi
June 27, 2024
5 min read