Enhancing Education with VR: Razor Edge Innovations

Razor Edge transforms education with VR for enhanced learning experiences


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Key takeaways

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Razor Edge was engaged by the director of the school's MedTrack program to explore XR solutions aimed at enhancing the curriculum. Razor Edge selected an appropriate all-in-one VR headset and an immersive anatomy application for student use. Additionally, Razor Edge developed a custom volumetric game focused on educating users about fundamental biological concepts related to COVID-19.

In terms of selecting a VR device suitable for educational settings, Razor Edge recommended an all-in-one VR headset that considers factors like form factor, total cost of ownership, and privacy implications.

To address concerns related to hygiene, security, and storage of VR equipment, Razor Edge formulated comprehensive procedures for sanitization, securing, and storing the devices, ensuring safe and efficient use.

A tailored VR application was conceptualized and created by Razor Edge to provide students with a unique educational experience, specifically designed to introduce them to the capabilities of VR technology. Working closely with the IT department, Razor Edge collaborated on implementing strategies to securely manage and deploy VR and AR experiences across the school's network infrastructure.

In Razor Edge's Immersive Experience Lab, multiple VR solutions and applications were demonstrated to the client, enabling informed decision-making regarding technology adoption. For the MedTrack program, Razor Edge focused on developing VR experiences optimized for the HTC Vive Focus Plus all-in-one headsets, leveraging their features and capabilities effectively.

Deployment of the HTC Vive Enterprise Portal facilitated secure deployment and administration of VR applications within the school environment, ensuring compliance with privacy and security protocols. The integration of VR into the educational curriculum allowed students to provide valuable feedback, contributing to ongoing refinement and improvement of the VR platform.

Rrahul Sethi
June 27, 2024
5 min read