Enhancing Mazda Showrooms with Digital Engagement Kiosks

Demodern boosts Mazda showrooms with interactive digital engagement kiosks


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Demodern collaborated with Mazda to implement digital engagement kiosks across hundreds of European showrooms, aiming to enhance customer experiences and improve associate productivity. The initiative addressed communication challenges surrounding Mazda's advanced technologies at dealership level by integrating expert knowledge into showroom environments.

The deployment strategy included a modular setup featuring a pop-up shelf with an integrated banner, incorporating a 24” multi-touch screen and Oculus Go VR headset. This allowed customers to explore interactive content and experience Mazda's product innovations firsthand within the showroom. Aligned with Mazda's design philosophy "Jinba ittai," which emphasizes unity between horse and rider, the approach centered on creating a cohesive user experience through a flexible content platform. Interactive storytelling was tailored to showcase Mazda's current and future innovations in ways that resonated locally and personally with customers.

The kiosk solution provided multiple entry points for customers to explore Mazda's technology offerings, guiding them to discover relevant vehicle models based on their preferences. This self-guided journey not only facilitated informed decision-making but also seamlessly integrated customers back into the showroom for further engagement with sales associates. The rapid rollout across 800 dealerships in 23 European markets highlighted the scalability and immediate impact of the initiative on enhancing showroom interactions. An intuitive UI design, influenced by Mazda's aesthetic principles, ensured a user-friendly navigation experience, enhancing overall customer engagement.

Demodern's adaptable CMS enabled local managers to customize content effortlessly, aligning with specific market needs and optimizing customer engagement strategies. Performance analytics provided through a dedicated dashboard empowered Mazda to refine content based on real-time insights, ensuring continuous improvement across their showroom network. In summary, the implementation of digital engagement kiosks transformed showroom experiences into informative journeys, empowering Mazda to deliver consistent and impactful customer engagements across diverse European markets.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read