Enhancing Surgical Training with Unity-Based Automation

Unity-based framework enhances VirtaMed's surgical simulators for improved training

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Partnering with VirtaMed, we created an automated acceptance testing framework using Unity. This framework reduces the time and effort required for developers to test how code changes impact simulations in VirtaMed's medical virtual reality simulators. These simulators are designed to enhance surgeons' manual skills and movement patterns for the operating room, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Since 2007, VirtaMed has been dedicated to providing patients with world-class surgical care. Their training simulators offer a realistic experience, helping surgeons prepare for procedures and refine their skills. These simulators are available 24/7, significantly speeding up training processes. Effective training programs balance passive and active education. Active education, which closely resembles actual treatments, is crucial for mastering surgical skills. VirtaMed's simulators offer students a realistic environment to practice skills and learn procedural steps.

VirtaMed's simulators are particularly beneficial for procedures like arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and hysterectomy, where precise movements are crucial. These simulators replicate surgical instruments and scenarios, allowing students to practice procedures repeatedly until they are proficient. The automated acceptance testing framework we developed in Unity is similar to game development, with substantial hardware requirements. This framework allows developers to check how changes in the code affect simulations, ensuring that all scenarios function correctly.

Before this framework, testers had to manually check each device to ensure it met requirements, which was time-consuming and costly. Now, developers can simulate all tools and procedures step by step to ensure they work according to specifications. For example, they can test if an electrode can coagulate a specific area or if scissors can cut the right thing in the correct spot.

Overall, the automated acceptance testing framework has improved VirtaMed's ability to manage multiple surgery simulation scenarios and release new scenarios faster. It has also enhanced their collaboration with our team, leading to more advanced projects in the future.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read