Festive AR Photo Fun at NTUC's Christmas Pop-Up

AR photo booth enhances NTUC's Christmas pop-up engagement


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Key takeaways

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NTUC's Christmas-themed pop-up store in the CBD featured an interactive photo kiosk where visitors could enjoy an Augmented Reality (AR) photoshoot. The experience aimed to enhance engagement and attract more foot traffic to the store during the festive season.

The interactive photo kiosk allowed patrons to choose from a selection of Christmas-themed photo frames and special effects to customize their photos. After the AR photoshoot, the pictures were instantly printed out as souvenirs for the visitors to take home.

The objective of incorporating the AR photo booth was to create a more immersive and engaging experience for patrons, adding to the overall appeal of the pop-up store. By offering a fun and interactive activity, NTUC aimed to increase footfall and create a memorable experience for visitors during the Christmas season. The AR photo booth worked by using a digital camera to capture the patrons' photos, which were then overlaid with the selected Christmas frames and effects in real-time. The instant photo printer at the kiosk ensured that visitors could quickly receive their printed photos as keepsakes from the event.

Overall, NTUC's AR photo booth at their Christmas pop-up store provided a fun and memorable experience for visitors, enhancing the festive atmosphere and increasing engagement with the brand.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read