Festive Fun: Coca-Cola's AR Photo Booth Pop-Up

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Coca-Cola’s interactive AR photo booth


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Coca-Cola is fostering connection and celebration this Chinese New Year with an interactive AR Photo Booth pop-up. This exciting installation is located just outside Wisma Atria and features a large LED display enhanced with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The photo booth offers a fun and festive experience for all visitors.

The primary goal of this AR Photo Booth is to bring people together during the pandemic through a lighthearted, casual, and gamified activity. Coca-Cola aims to create a joyful and memorable experience that encourages social interaction and festive spirit. Situated outside Wisma Atria, the photo booth pop-up greets users with a vibrant and festive setup. The large LED display is equipped with motion-detection technology, which activates the screen as users approach. This interactive element adds an engaging touch to the experience.

Once the screen is activated, users can pose alongside the virtual tiger mascots that appear on the display. The AR technology integrates these mascots into the frame, making for a delightful and immersive photo opportunity. At the end of the session, a QR code is generated and displayed on the screen. Users can scan this QR code to download their pictures, allowing them to keep and share their festive memories.

This AR Photo Booth by Coca-Cola combines innovative technology with festive fun, creating an experience that not only entertains but also promotes togetherness during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The integration of AR technology with a traditional photo booth concept adds a modern twist, making it a unique and engaging attraction for all ages.

Overall, the Coca-Cola AR Photo Booth pop-up is an excellent example of how technology can enhance traditional holiday activities, providing an interactive and enjoyable experience that brings people closer together during the festive season.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read