Gamix Labs Develops AR Game for Nestle Milo

Gamix Labs created an engaging AR game for Nestle Milo


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Nestle Milo engaged Gamix Labs to develop an augmented reality (AR) game aimed at rewarding Nestle Milo consumers. The game, designed for a web app, is both simple and engaging, incorporating machine learning technologies to bring an exciting concept to life.

Nestle Milo Gameplay

The game begins when the user scans a Milo tin can using the Nestle Milo web app. Upon scanning, an animated tiger appears on the screen with an "Enter Game" option. The gameplay involves controlling the tiger by tapping, holding, and releasing on the screen to make it jump. After completing the game, users are prompted to submit their name, email, and phone number for a chance to win gold collectibles.

Nestle Milo set four primary objectives for the game:

1. Accurate Detection: Ensure the accurate detection of the Nestle Milo tin can.

2. Engagement: Create an engaging game for consumers.

3. Data Accumulation: Focus on collecting user data.

4. Winner Finalization: Develop a system to finalize game winners.

Gamix Labs implemented several solutions to meet these objectives:

Accurate Detection:

To ensure accurate detection of the Nestle Milo tin can, Gamix Labs utilized Google's machine learning technology for real-time object detection. This ensured that users could only enter the game after scanning the original Nestle Milo tin can.

Consumer Engagement:

To enhance consumer engagement, a 3D animated tiger character was integrated into the game. The character's realistic movements and seamless interactions were designed to captivate users. Managing the 3D object and ensuring the tiger did not disappear or get obscured by other objects during gameplay was a significant challenge. Additionally, the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) were meticulously designed to provide better user interaction.

Data Accumulation:

For data accumulation, Google Cloud technology was employed. A dashboard was developed for hassle-free data management, integrating machine learning technology for number verification and connecting it to Nestle's server for OTP generation. This system allowed for efficient data collection and management, aligning with Nestle's focus on data accumulation.

Winner Finalization:

To finalize the game winners, a data management portal was created. This portal included a leaderboard setup and data analysis features, enabling the Nestle team to easily identify the lucky winners. The comprehensive system ensured a smooth and transparent process for finalizing game winners.

Through the development of this AR game, Gamix Labs successfully met Nestle Milo's objectives by leveraging advanced technologies and innovative design. The project not only provided an engaging and rewarding experience for consumers but also demonstrated the effective use of immersive technology in marketing.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read