Guerlain's Interactive WebAR Retail Experience

Elevate retail with Guerlain's interactive WebAR pop-up experience

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Guerlain has embraced the rise of the experience economy and the trend of retailtainment by creating an innovative game that uses Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) technology and gamification to captivate customers. This interactive experience takes place in their pop-up store and is designed to excite and educate customers in a unique way.

Upon entering the first zone of the pop-up store, customers are introduced to the natural identity of Abeille Royale by answering multiple-choice questions. The next zone involves a texture visual choice activity, where customers learn about the iconic texture of Guerlain's Advanced Youth Watery Oil. Following this, customers test their knowledge of the benefits of Abeille Royale products through a memory game.

In addition to these activities, customers can engage their competitive side with the “flying bee” game, which requires them to catch specific items while avoiding obstacles. For wellness tips, customers participate in a gesture images order activity, rearranging images in the correct sequence. The final zone includes a gauge filling activity, which educates customers about Guerlain’s dynamic Blackbee repair technology. Through these fun and interactive games, visitors gain a deeper understanding of Guerlain’s brand history and the creation of their products.

The main objective is to elevate the retail experience using innovation and technology. Guerlain aims to enhance customer engagement and education through this interactive and entertaining approach.

Customers start by scanning a QR code located at the Guerlain pop-up store to access the retailtainment game. The game begins with customers using their devices to locate the Blackbee by looking around their surroundings. Once spotted, they tap on their screens to catch the Blackbee, signaling the start of their interactive journey.

To navigate through the different touchpoints in the pop-up store, customers scan uniquely designed 3D bee signs to access zone-specific content. Each zone presents a challenge that customers must complete to earn a golden bee. After collecting all the golden bees from the various zones, customers can redeem attractive prizes. This engaging experience not only entertains customers but also provides valuable insights into Guerlain’s products and brand story, making their visit both enjoyable and informative.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read