Healthcare Training with JoinXR's Immersive Patient Simulations

JoinXR enhances healthcare training with realistic, multi-user patient simulations

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Fracture Reality's skilled team of designers, technical artists, and software engineers collaborate with organizations to create tailored XR presentations and training workflows. With extensive experience in designing and delivering training simulations using JoinXR, they assist in everything from 3D content creation to the development of tools and workflows.


The goal was to develop immersive patient consultation simulations using the JoinXR platform to enhance healthcare training scalability. It was crucial for these simulations to support multiple users and be accessible remotely through various AR and VR headsets.


JoinXR enables these simulations to be experienced by multiple users in any location in real time. This allows the use of patient avatars in collaborative instructor-led workshops, fully recorded training modules, or standardized assessments of clinical skills. The simulations are crafted by a multi-disciplinary team of world-class experts, achieving an exceptional level of fidelity. Users engage with patient avatars in fluid, natural conversations, providing a realistic and immersive clinical consultation experience.


The JoinXR simulation ‘Stacey’ was independently evaluated by the University of Leeds, achieving considerable success. Notably, 'Stacey' represents the first instance of using extended reality technology to train clinicians with a digital avatar. This innovation offers a safe training environment that significantly enhances clinical learning opportunities.

Fracture Reality's approach demonstrates how JoinXR can revolutionize healthcare training by providing realistic, multi-user simulations accessible through a variety of XR headsets. This technology not only scales training but also ensures high-quality, immersive learning experiences for clinicians.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read