Immersive Training for Driving Fundamentals

VR Driving Training: Immersive, realistic learning for driving fundamentals

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The VR Driving Training Project posed a unique challenge for VeeRuby, requiring the development of a proof of concept to train individuals on driving fundamentals using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The client sought an Oculus Quest 2 application to create a driving-friendly environment for learning, including scenarios like U-turns, narrow road driving, and driving in the rain.

Using Unity 3D and Maya, VeeRuby crafted a driving-friendly environment with a detailed car model featuring accelerator, brake, clutch, speedometer, and turn indicator. The application allowed users to control the car's speed, gears, and brakes using device controllers. Three scenarios were integrated: driving on a narrow road, making a U-turn, and navigating rainy conditions, providing a realistic driving experience. A parking lot feature required users to park their vehicles correctly, and the environment included ground traffic rules to simulate real-world driving conditions. Audio feedback was added for an enhanced user experience.

Blender was employed for creating 3D models and animations, and training was provided to the client on operating the Oculus Quest 2 device with the application. The final application exceeded the client's expectations, delivering a comprehensive training experience.

This project demonstrates the increasing demand for VR training applications, driven by advancements in technology and the availability of VR devices. The VR Driving Training Project is a compelling example of how VR technology can offer users an immersive training experience, showcasing its potential in the training industry.

In summary, VeeRuby's VR Driving Training Project was a challenging endeavor that resulted in the development of an Oculus Quest 2 application exceeding the client's expectations. It showcased the potential of VR technology in providing immersive training experiences and underscored the importance of such experiences in the training industry.

Rrahul Sethi
June 14, 2024
5 min read