Immersive VR based FMCG Store Experience for Global Conference

AR Works crafts VR shop tour for global conference presentation


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In late August, AR Works received the task to create VR video content for a global meeting in the fall. The conference aimed to showcase the brand's future ideas, including new product fixtures. Unlike traditional presentations, participants could explore new storefront designs through a virtual shop tour. Each brand's new product fixture was placed in a 3D store interior, modeled after a real beauty store, to provide a realistic competitive environment.

To ensure a synchronized experience for all participants (approximately 40 people per group), it was crucial that they start and finish the tour simultaneously while focusing on key information. To achieve this, AR Works set up a dedicated internal Wi-Fi network for all 40 Samsung GEAR devices. Additionally, AR Works developed a master application that ran on the presenter's tablet, allowing them to pause and resume the video content as needed.

To enhance the experience further, AR Works also prepared a version for the HTC VIVE. This allowed participants to explore the virtual shop after the presentation, enabling them to take a real walk and interactively learn about the new product fixture features.

Overall, the VR content provided an innovative and immersive way for participants to engage with the brand's future ideas and new product fixtures, offering a unique and memorable experience for all attendees.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read