Interactive AR Virus-fighting Rock Climbing

Climb wall, defeat viruses, learn cybersecurity in interactive experience


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Key takeaways

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The experience offered by IMDA Interactive Projection was a unique take on traditional rock climbing, where the objective was not just to reach the top but to also defeat virtual viruses. Unlike conventional climbing walls, this interactive version projected viruses onto the wall, and players had to touch these areas to eliminate the viruses and earn points. The primary objective of this interactive game was to raise awareness about internet viruses and cybersecurity among the public. IMDA, the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore, aimed to educate citizens about the threats of computer viruses and the importance of safeguarding against them.

To create this interactive experience, projectors with infrared capabilities were used to detect the movement of the players on the climbing wall. The system tracked the movements of the players' hands and legs, creating markers that represented these body parts. As players climbed the wall and reached for the projected viruses, their markers collided with the viruses, "killing" them and earning points in the process.

This innovative approach to rock climbing not only provided a fun and engaging activity but also served as an educational tool. By gamifying the process of virus elimination, IMDA effectively conveyed the message of cybersecurity in a memorable way. Players were not just climbing a wall for fun; they were actively participating in a game that taught them about the importance of protecting their digital devices from harmful viruses.

To sum up, IMDA's interactive rock climbing wall was a creative and effective way to engage the public in learning about cybersecurity. By combining physical activity with educational content, this experience succeeded in making a potentially dry topic more accessible and entertaining to a wide audience.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read