Interactive Race Experience at UEFA Euro 2016

Interactive race experience with virtual athletes during UEFA Euro 2016


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An interactive race experience was designed and constructed, running for three weeks at locations in Milan and Paris during the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. Over 4000 visitors took part, competing against virtual athletes and having their performance recorded. A custom digital memento was created for each participant, allowing them to relive the experience at home and share it with others. RenderHeads was responsible for software development, hardware specification, and physical installations at the event sites.

The system developed for the experience utilized industrial laser sensors to measure the runners' performance, along with ultrasonic beams to trigger the race start and finish. A 20-meter LED wall displayed visuals that included 2 million reactive particles, responding to the movements of the runners. This setup created an engaging and dynamic environment for both participants and spectators.

Technical aspects of the system included the use of industrial LIDAR for measuring running performance, ultrasonic beams for race start and finish triggers, and a high-speed camera for capturing slow-motion segments. Personalized videos were automatically shared with each participant, captured using high-speed cameras from FLIR Systems and edited using Adobe After Effects. The videos were then compressed and uploaded to the cloud for easy sharing.

The interactive race experience offered a unique and memorable engagement opportunity, blending advanced technology with creative design to enhance the UEFA Euro 2016 event.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read