IVF Sim Pro: Virtual Reality Training for IVF Professionals

Virtual reality and web app train IVF professionals effectively remotely

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The world's first Virtual Reality (VR) and web application for teaching In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) processes has been launched. This innovative solution allows professionals to gain the necessary experience to perform their jobs more efficiently, especially in remote learning scenarios. The application, available in both VR and web formats, simulates the entire Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) process involving eggs and sperm. It can be used in universities, laboratories, or even in the trainees' living rooms.

With the trend of postponing childbirth, IVF/ICSI has become increasingly important in fulfilling couples' dreams of having children. To meet the growing demand for IVF processes, there is a need for a larger pool of professionals with the required skills. The IVF Sim Pro software supports the education, training, and practice of embryologists and technicians using the latest training technologies – Virtual Reality and 3D simulation.

The simulator has two versions – a VR version for Oculus Quest VR headsets and a web-based version that runs on standard internet browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari) on laptops without the need for VR hardware.

The student enters a virtual IVF laboratory equipped with all the necessary devices for the IVF process. A special microscope with micromanipulators plays a key role, allowing students to explore its parts in a special enlarged view.

The student starts by placing sperm into a drop in a petri dish under the microscope. The simulator ensures that there are always a few deformed sperm in the dish, randomly defined by the software. This ensures that students encounter a variety of deformities, preparing them for real-world scenarios where they may not encounter all types of deformities.

Throughout the process, the student must perform all required steps as they would in a real lab, including moving needles, applying suction, and injecting sperm into eggs. The simulator provides step-by-step instructions and visual feedback, mimicking the real-world experience closely.

The IVF SIM Pro software offers a unique and immersive training experience for IVF professionals, helping them develop the skills needed for successful IVF procedures. Its availability in both VR and web formats makes it accessible and convenient for training purposes.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read