JoinXR: Revolutionizing XR Remote Meetings

JoinXR: Real-time holographic meetings with 3D data on multiple platforms


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JoinXR is an enterprise XR remote meeting platform compatible with HoloLens, Meta, HTC, and Magic Leap devices. Leveraging Azure Remote Rendering, JoinXR enables seamless collaboration with both people and 3D data. This platform allows users to create rich presentations and share them in real-time, facilitating instant meetings with colleagues and clients worldwide in a holographic setting.

The standout feature of JoinXR is its ability to render 3D, CAD, BIM, and Point Cloud data formats directly through remote rendering technology, eliminating the need for costly data preparation. Users can craft their own rich presentations, integrating documents, images, and videos with 3D design data to create immersive and comprehensive meeting experiences.

JoinXR boasts an array of key features essential for a spatial meeting platform. It offers photorealistic avatars for a more lifelike interaction, real-time language translation to bridge communication gaps, and an intuitive gestural interface that enhances user experience. Additionally, the platform includes meeting management tools and role-based access controls to ensure efficient and secure collaboration.

What sets JoinXR apart from other platforms is its remote rendering capability, which provides 'infinite power' for handling enterprise-level 3D data without the need for extensive preparation. The platform also introduces a structured user experience paradigm, akin to 'PowerPoint in 3D,' allowing users to create organized and engaging presentations. Furthermore, JoinXR supports a wide range of data formats and offers cross-platform functionality, making it compatible with various XR headsets.

In summary, JoinXR is a versatile and powerful XR remote meeting platform designed to facilitate real-time collaboration with 3D data, offering advanced features and seamless integration across multiple devices.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read