Jurassic World Dominion: AR Retail Promotion

NBC Universal employs AR to boost retail engagement and sales

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Key takeaways

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NBC Universal collaborated with Zappar Creative Studio to design and develop a flexible AR experience to promote the launch of Jurassic World Dominion. This innovative campaign brought dinosaurs to life in AR, allowing consumers to create their own Jurassic World and engage with the brand across multiple global markets and retailers.

The project required expertise in strategy consultation, creative concepting, design, development, technology platform, and optimization. Deliverables included UI/UX flow, 3D modeling, AR development, QA testing, hosting, and analytics. The deployment method was WebAR via QR code. NBC Universal sought a versatile and engaging retail campaign to capitalize on the excitement surrounding the Jurassic World Dominion release. The goals were to secure prominent retail space, drive toy merchandise sales, and create an engaging in-store and home consumer experience.

Jurassic experience

AR Objectives

1. Promote: Secure additional promotion support at key retailers.

2. Increase Sales: Boost sales of Jurassic World products.

3. Launch: Implement the campaign effectively across multiple retailers and markets.

4. Engage: Create engaging experiences for both retail and home environments.

5. Inspire: Foster creativity and imagination.

Zappar Creative Studio created a modular AR experience that allowed customization by retailers. This flexibility ensured that each store's experience felt unique, enhancing customer engagement. The deployment method was WebAR for easy access, facilitating seamless transition from in-store to at-home experiences.

The base experience included 3D Dinosaurs (six different Jurassic World Dominion dinosaurs to place in the real world), 3D Scenes (four Jurassic World Dominion scenes to explore and place), and Dioramas (six variations for creating personalized Jurassic World scenes). Additional features included exclusivity (some retailers had access to exclusive dinosaurs), flexibility (unlock all scenes with one QR code or new scenes weekly), treasure hunt (in-store or online treasure hunts to unlock scenes), and Build Your Own Scene (digital landscapes reflecting movie scenes for creating static dioramas with animated 3D dinosaurs and various assets).

Jurassic world experience example

Retail Experience

Retailers could create an in-store treasure hunt with up to four markers, increasing dwell time and product exposure. Completing the hunt unlocked the 'Build Your Own' level, where customers could design their own Jurassic World scene and capture their creation with photos. For stores with limited space, a single poster could launch the 'Build Your Own' scene experience. The experience extended to home use, allowing customers to pause and resume or start anew, with content placed in their real-world environment.

Project Outcomes

The AR experience was adopted by over 30 retailers across 22 markets, surpassing expectations. Sales teams reported an increase in secured promotional space, with poster sites, windows, and prominent product shelving. The campaign boosted customer engagement with an average dwell time of over five minutes, leading to increased retail sales.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read