KHAITE's WebAR Fashion Experience: Bringing Collections Home

KHAITE uses WebAR to showcase collections, engage customers during pandemic


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As the fashion industry transitioned to a digital landscape due to the COVID-19 pandemic, brands like KHAITE sought innovative ways to engage customers. ROSE developed two WebAR experiences to bring KHAITE's latest collections directly into customers' homes, offering an immersive and interactive experience that highlighted the unique details of their footwear and clothing designs.

To make the experience easily accessible, KHAITE embedded QR codes in lookbooks created by Chandelier Creative. Scanning these codes would lead customers to the augmented reality fashion experience, where they could view the products at scale in their own surroundings. This approach allowed customers to virtually try on the items and experience them in a way that would typically only be possible in a physical showroom.

The WebAR experiences offered two primary interaction modes: "Tap To Place" and "Scan To Place." In "Tap To Place," users could select shoes to place on a flat surface and view from various angles. "Scan To Place" allowed users to scan a catalog to explore different designs, making the experience interactive and intuitive.

One key feature of the experiences was the ability for users to rotate, move, and inspect the products in 360-degree rendering, providing a comprehensive view of the designs.

For KHAITE's pre-fall 2021 collection, the augmented reality fashion experience was expanded to include models rendered in AR. This enhancement allowed users to see the clothing on models in a realistic manner, showcasing the physical properties of each item. Users could place these models in their chosen environment, effectively creating their own augmented reality fashion show.

Overall, the use of WebAR technology by ROSE helped KHAITE overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic, allowing them to engage customers in a new and innovative way. The experiences offered a unique and personalized approach to showcasing fashion collections, demonstrating the potential of AR in the fashion industry.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read