Launching Coca-Cola’s Starlight Beverage using AR

Ava Max performs cosmic concert for Coca-Cola’s AR Starlight launch


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Coca-Cola launched its Starlight beverage with a unique cosmic concert featuring Ava Max. This space-themed performance trilogy was an immersive show developed by Coca-Cola’s global innovation platform, “Coca-Cola Creations.” By scanning the limited-edition Starlight beverage, Coke drinkers and Ava Max fans could use a mobile browser to bring an augmented reality (AR) asteroid into their real-world environment.

The project aimed to capture Ava Max performing three songs in a visually-stunning intergalactic concert. The Metastage team conducted extensive hair and wardrobe testing to ensure the looks complemented the space theme and adhered to volumetric best practices. Surprisingly, the system handled shiny costumes well, surpassing expectations regarding volumetric capture limitations.

Backup dancers were filmed on stage and later retextured to resemble starry holograms. File size was a crucial factor to ensure smooth performance on the 8th Wall platform amid the intricate and dynamic virtual set. Each song was divided into three sections with seamless transitions to manage file size and performance efficiently.

The result was a groundbreaking concert experience on the 8th Wall platform, combining Ava Max's performance with innovative AR elements to create an unforgettable show.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read