L'Oréal's Virtual Career Fair Revolutionizes Recruitment

L'Oréal's virtual career fair expands reach, reduces costs with CloudExpo


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L'Oréal faced several challenges with traditional physical career fairs, including limited reach and high costs, especially given their global presence. They wanted a more immersive and engaging way to connect with potential candidates.


To address these challenges, we helped L'Oréal host a virtual career fair using our platform, CloudExpo. This innovative approach provided an efficient way for L'Oréal to engage with potential candidates and showcase career and growth opportunities within the company. The virtual career fair on CloudExpo featured daily live sessions conducted by L'Oréal staff. These interactive presentations covered various aspects of working at L'Oréal, including available job positions, career paths, company culture, benefits, and professional growth opportunities.

One of the key advantages of using a cloud-based platform like CloudExpo is its flexibility and accessibility. L'Oréal personnel could host these sessions from different locations, and candidates from various universities or geographical areas could participate without needing to travel. This setup reduced the logistical challenges and costs associated with traditional in-person career fairs.

Additionally, the platform allowed L'Oréal to record these live sessions. The recordings could be easily uploaded to the virtual career fair platform, ensuring that valuable information shared during the live presentations was available for candidates who missed the live event or wanted to review the content later.

In summary, by leveraging CloudExpo, L'Oréal was able to create a more accessible, flexible, and cost-effective way to connect with potential candidates worldwide, revolutionizing their recruitment process.

Rrahul Sethi
June 19, 2024
5 min read