LUSH's Metaverse SXSW Experience in Decentraland

LUSH partners with LandVault for immersive Decentraland SXSW experience


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Key takeaways

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LUSH aimed to replicate their 2023 SXSW house experience in a virtual format accessible to all through an immersive digital twin in Decentraland. LandVault was tasked with creating a gamified version of the physical space, complete with a dancefloor, quests, branded wearables, and hidden Bath Bombs.

LandVault provided an end-to-end solution, conceptualizing, designing, and building the virtual LUSH house. Situated on a 2x2 parcel in Decentraland, the digital space featured various interactive elements. Attendees could request songs, showcase their dance moves, and hunt for hidden Bath Bombs to earn exclusive LUSH wearables for their avatars.

LUSH's decision to enter the metaverse aligned with their progressive brand image. The decentralized nature of Web3 and platforms like Decentraland resonated with LUSH's values, particularly their stance against big tech and focus on digital ethics. The virtual activation served as a natural extension of their ethos, offering a fully branded experience that included inclusive messaging and product information seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

The virtual space featured gamification elements to enhance user engagement and immersion. A hidden Bath Bomb challenge encouraged users to explore the virtual environment, with each Bath Bomb revealing unique information about an IRL scent. Upon finding all the Bath Bombs, users could claim an "All ARE WELCOME, ALWAYS" shirt wearable, celebrating their completion of the quest.

Overall, the LUSH virtual experience in Decentraland was well-received, with high engagement levels, particularly for the branded wearables. The activation successfully translated the essence of the physical SXSW house into the metaverse, offering a unique and inclusive experience to a wider audience.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read