Make It Rain: Ibotta's Engaging WebAR Game

"Make It Rain" engaging WebAR game promotes Ibotta's cash back rewards app


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Make It Rain is a captivating webAR game designed for Ibotta, a prominent cash back rewards app, as part of a larger campaign aimed at enticing new users to sign up and encouraging existing users to continue using the app for cash back rewards. The game not only provides an interactive experience showcasing the app's cash back features but also offers users a fun and memorable way to engage with Ibotta and potentially earn a new user bonus.

In an effort to stand out in the digital landscape and effectively communicate Ibotta's mission, the game was designed to be intuitive and engaging. Make It Rain allows users to create a 3D storm of cash and collect as much money as possible before time runs out. The game's art direction and assets were crafted with the intention of being reused across other campaign components, ensuring a cohesive and impactful 360-degree campaign experience.

The game is accessed via WebAR, where users place an Ibotta favicon as an anchor for the game. Whimsical clouds appear in the sky, with the user at the center of the storm, as cash rains down. Users must tap to collect the cash and fill up the collection bar before time expires. At the end of the game, new users are prompted to continue "Making It Rain" in the app with a new user bonus code, seamlessly transitioning them from the game to sign-up.

To drive traffic and enhance brand awareness, a TikTok filter was created using the game's assets in a socialAR-ready format. Users could stack cash with their faces on it onto an Ibotta splash screen, with the option to unlock a real cash bonus through the game. Additionally, an interactive installation was created, featuring themed Instagram walls and a chance to win cash back bonuses by playing the game.

The campaign was further expanded with a TV spot and influencer partnerships to promote the game and new user bonus. Overall, Make It Rain has proven to be a successful tool for Ibotta, with a high click-through rate to the app and significant user engagement metrics, showcasing the power of AR in driving customer engagement and conversion.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read