Malayalee Dance Celebration: AR Photo Booth at IHC

Experience Malayalee dance tradition through interactive AR photo booth


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The Indian Heritage Centre (IHC) offers an immersive museum experience driven by community voices and contributions. The latest addition to IHC introduces an interactive touch, inviting visitors to celebrate traditional Malayalee dance through an Augmented Reality (AR) Photo Booth.

At the AR Photo Booth, visitors can choose from five different signature characters, each adorned with elaborate makeup and headgear typical of Malayalee dance. After selecting a character, visitors pose for a photo, which can then be sent to their email as a soft copy. The objective of the AR Photo Booth is to leverage interactive technology to educate visitors about the traditions and artistry of Malayalee dance. By providing a hands-on experience, the booth aims to deepen visitors' understanding and appreciation for this cultural art form.

The interactive photo booth utilizes augmented reality technology to track and map the user's face, seamlessly fitting them with one of five signature character filters. Upon approaching the booth, visitors begin the experience by tapping the screen to initiate the process. They then select a "Vesham" (character) and choose the type of "Mudras" (hand gestures) they wish to practice. Visitors can then strike a pose and snap their photo. Once the photo is taken, visitors have the option to send it to their personal email for further enjoyment and sharing.

Overall, the AR Photo Booth at IHC offers a unique and engaging way for visitors to interact with and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Malayalee dance, enhancing their museum experience and fostering a deeper appreciation for this traditional art form.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read