Mavenir's Virtual Customer Experience Platform

Mavenir's VCEP showcases software portfolio in immersive virtual scenarios


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Mavenir approached Sector 5 Digital to develop a virtual customer experience platform (VCEP) that would showcase Mavenir's mobile network software portfolio and its vision of "One network. Any cloud. All software." The challenge was to create a portable, scalable, and cost-effective tool comparable to physical customer experience centers. Mavenir wanted customers to explore real-world use cases of their software and services, demonstrating how their cloud-native software is shaping the future of networks.

In response, Sector 5 Digital created the Mavenir VCEP, a browser-based digital storytelling tool featuring hypothetical "day in the life" scenarios in consumer, enterprise, and Industry 4.0 settings. These scenarios showcased Mavenir's end-to-end network architectures and data flows. Additionally, the VCEP included the Virtual Demo Lab, where users could interact with scenario equipment and watch product demos. The tool provided Mavenir's sales team with a virtual platform to engage with prospective customers at any time.

The VCEP leveraged the Metahuman Creator Software by Unreal Engine to create photorealistic characters, enhancing the immersive experience. It was showcased live in 3D at the 2022 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, impressing attendees and stimulating conversations with customers, industry analysts, and competitors. Communication Service Providers noted the tool's potential to help enterprise customers understand the benefits of 5G use cases, which are often complex and challenging to visualize.

By combining creative storytelling with emerging technology, Sector 5 Digital successfully highlighted Mavenir's products and solutions in various use cases, keeping customers engaged throughout the experience. The VCEP microsite effectively reinforced key brand messaging by engaging customers in a virtual environment, showcasing how Mavenir is transforming global connectivity.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read