MBLM's Instagram Game: Fun and Quirky Experience

Engaging Instagram game at MBLM offers prizes for high scores


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Marina Bay Link Mall (MBLM) has launched a captivating and interactive game that is seamlessly integrated into Instagram, offering visitors a fun and quirky experience. To participate, patrons simply need to follow the mall's Instagram page, gaining access to the game while also helping to increase the follower base for RQAM. Players who engage in the game or achieve the highest score stand a chance to win attractive prizes as part of MBLM's latest digital marketing campaign.

The primary goal of this initiative is to enhance MBLM's popularity and generate positive word-of-mouth and feedback for its social media platform. By employing an interactive game that requires no installation from the end user, MBLM aims to create an engaging experience that encourages participation and interaction with its brand.

After following MBLM's Instagram page, users gain access to a filter with a smiley face icon on their device. By selecting the icon, users are directed to the game's landing page, where the selfie camera is used to track the user's head position in real-time. A smiley face avatar mimics the user's head movements on a race track, where players must dodge firecracker obstacles and collect hearts to earn points. The game offers a whacky yet fun experience, engaging players in an interactive and entertaining way.

Overall, MBLM's Instagram-integrated game offers a unique and engaging experience for visitors, helping to boost the mall's online presence and drive engagement on its social media platform. By combining entertainment with digital marketing, MBLM successfully creates a memorable experience that resonates with its audience and encourages them to become active participants in its digital campaigns.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read