Moët Hennessy's Virtual Wine & Spirits Assistant

Personalized virtual concierge matches wine and spirit lovers perfectly


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ROSE and Moët Hennessy collaborated to create a unique, personalized experience for wine and spirit enthusiasts to discover their ideal match. The Virtual Wine and Spirits Concierge was designed to simplify the selection process, offering tailored recommendations based on users' preferences and personality profiles.

The Virtual Concierge begins by asking users a series of interactive questions to understand their tastes and preferences. This data is then used to generate a personalized recommendation for a wine or spirit that best suits the user's profile. Customers can access this experience in-store by scanning QR codes placed near product displays, providing instant guidance and purchase suggestions directly at the shelf.

The recommendation process is guided by the user's responses, which reveal their personality type. Each personality type is then matched with a Moët Hennessy wine or spirit that complements it, ensuring a perfect fit for every customer. Upon completing the quiz, users receive a graphic representation of their personality type, along with the recommended product.

To drive conversions, Moët Hennessy activated users both in-store and at home. In-store activations included QR codes on product displays, allowing customers to continue their purchase journey seamlessly. For home activations, the experience was distributed through traditional digital advertising channels. After completing the quiz, users are directed to the Moët Hennessy Concierge website for more information about their recommendations. This website offers additional details such as recipe suggestions, tasting notes, product history, and purchasing options.

Overall, the Virtual Wine and Spirits Concierge offers a personalized and engaging way for customers to discover and select the perfect wine or spirit. By combining technology with personalized recommendations, Moët Hennessy aims to enhance the customer experience and provide valuable insights to assist customers in their purchasing decisions.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read