Nestlé Implements VR for Global Safety Training Advancements

Nestlé enhances global safety training with immersive Virtual Reality solutions


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Nestlé has implemented Virtual Reality (VR) technology at its Nescafé plant in Girona to enhance employee safety training in an immersive and engaging manner. Developed in collaboration with VRdirect, this initiative serves as a model for global VR training implementations within Nestlé's expansive operations.

The VR training program at the Girona facility focuses on educating employees about safety protocols and traffic rules across the vast premises, including areas with forklifts and electric pallet trucks. Through interactive 360-degree images and videos, employees gain a comprehensive understanding of potential hazards and proper safety procedures. The training covers safe navigation through truck-heavy zones, hygiene protocols, safety checks for equipment use, and warehouse traffic management.

SHE training in Girona: How VR delivers greater operational safety

This VR solution not only aids in onboarding new employees by familiarizing them with the environment before physically entering the factory but also ensures consistent safety knowledge across all operational levels. Accessible via VR headsets, smartphones, and tablets, the training platform offers flexibility and ease of use across different devices.

Moreover, Nestlé plans to replicate this successful VR model across its 354 global factories, adapting it to local conditions to standardize safety training worldwide. Studies indicate that VR-based learning can be up to 75% more effective than traditional methods, underscoring Nestlé's commitment to enhancing learning outcomes and operational safety through innovative technology.

Beyond safety training, Nestlé recognizes the broader potential of VR across various business functions, aiming to integrate VR into workflows to optimize efficiency and performance company-wide. This strategic adoption of VR not only aligns with Nestlé's history of leveraging technology for operational excellence but also positions VR as a pivotal tool in shaping future training and operational strategies.

Rrahul Sethi
June 26, 2024
5 min read