Oxford Brookes VR Campus Tour

Oxford Brookes' VR app offers immersive, interactive campus tours for students


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Oxford Brookes University engaged Fourth Reality, in collaboration with Better Reach, to develop a virtual reality (VR) app for touring their campus using mobile phones and Google Cardboard. The university distributed free branded Google Cardboard headsets at various open days, encouraging students to download and try the app. The response was overwhelmingly positive, creating significant excitement among students. The app provided visiting students with the ability to explore the campus at their leisure from home.

This app marked the first VR tour of a university in the UK, setting a new standard for virtual campus tours. Stuart Edmonstone, Managing Director of Better Reach, emphasized the value of this innovation, stating, “This is a fantastic opportunity for universities to interact with interested students from across the world. Viewers can immerse themselves in a 3D tour of the facilities, experiencing the location as if they were visiting in person.” He also noted that this technology demonstrates a university’s commitment to offering the latest digital innovations to prospective students.

Professor Anne-Marie Kilday, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University, highlighted the benefits of the VR tour for prospective students. She remarked, “For prospective students, there is a lot to see and information to take in at Open Days. Our VR Tour app and the headset, which students will be able to take away with them, will allow people to revisit the campus when they are back at home in a truly immersive virtual experience.” She also pointed out that this technology enables the university to reach students who live further away or cannot attend open days in person.

The VR app includes numerous features to enhance the user experience. It offers over 45 virtual 360-degree locations to explore, providing a comprehensive view of the campus. A 360-degree video introduction to the campuses helps users get acquainted with the facilities right from the start. The app's easy-to-use menu interface facilitates quick navigation, while way-point markers allow for line-of-sight travel within the virtual tour. The integration of a gyroscopic sensor in the user's device enables them to look around 360-degree photos seamlessly. Additionally, the app is optimized for Google Cardboard v2 headsets, ensuring a smooth and immersive experience.

By leveraging these features, the VR app allows prospective students to experience Oxford Brookes University in an immersive and interactive way, making it easier for them to visualize life on campus and making the university more accessible to a broader audience.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read