Radiant Skin Quest: Clinique's VR Pop-Up Experience

VR game at Clinique pop-up, slash blocks for skincare points


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In the heart of Orchard, an iridescent-themed pop-up by Clinique at Paragon offers an enticing VR experience. Participants engage in a gamified VR journey, wielding a lightsaber-like Clinique Even Better Brightening Serum to slash blocks in sync with music, aiming to earn points and secure a spot in the top 10 for a chance to win $1,000 worth of Clinique products.

The immersive journey begins as curious passersby are drawn to the vibrant pop-up, where they can dive into the futuristic VR game. The game's objective is to slash blocks with precision, showcasing the benefits of Clinique's serum in a fun and interactive way.

Designed with futuristic graphics and an engaging gameplay, the VR experience transports users into a virtual world where they embark on a quest for radiant skin. As participants progress through the game, their points accumulate based on their accuracy and rhythm, adding a competitive edge to the experience.

At the conclusion of the VR experience, participants discover their final score and ranking. Those who secure a position in the top 10 standings are rewarded with $1,000 worth of Clinique products, enhancing the excitement and allure of the event.

The primary objective of this interactive pop-up and VR game is to generate buzz and raise awareness for the Clinique brand and its products. By offering a unique and engaging experience, Clinique aims to captivate consumers and highlight the benefits of its Even Better Brightening Serum in a memorable way.

Through the innovative use of VR technology and gamification, Clinique effectively showcases its product's efficacy and engages consumers in a captivating experience. This interactive approach not only creates excitement but also reinforces Clinique's commitment to innovation and skincare excellence.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read