Revolutionizing Vehicle Assembly: WITOL AR Showcase

AR app showcases WITOL fastening system's automotive applications at trade shows


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Key takeaways

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In collaboration with WITOL®, a pioneering Augmented Reality (AR) application was developed using Apple's ARKit 2. This application was specifically created to demonstrate the versatile uses of their innovative fastening system, 'Witols', at trade fairs. Despite their small size, Witols are crucial in global vehicle assembly processes, previously overlooked by many until now.

The WITTE Group, which oversees WITOL®, boasts a storied history dating back to 1899, with significant contributions to automotive engineering since the inception of the Volkswagen Beetle. The implementation of 'mixed reality' effectively communicates their products and business philosophy in a modern context.

Augmented Reality technology was utilized to create a custom shader that enhances the visual representation of Witols, from detailed close-ups to life-sized models. This shader, optimized for vehicle models, employs an X-Ray style with active and inactive states triggered by interactive hotspots. This design minimizes visual clutter, allowing for focused examination of Witols within the vehicle's broader context.

Spatial computing and advanced 3D modeling techniques were employed to embed interactive hotspots directly within Unity3D. These hotspots guide industry professionals through ten unique use cases, showcasing Witols' functionality within various vehicle components such as headlights and eBattery. Technical CAD models further illustrate how Witols contribute to vehicle assembly processes.

Overall, the AR application revolutionizes how Witols are presented and understood at trade shows, serving as a dynamic tool for engaging potential business partners and highlighting the innovative capabilities of WITOL® in the automotive sector.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read