Rexona's Motionsense AR App: Transparency in Action

Rexona's AR app demonstrates Motionsense technology, engaging customers effectively


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Key takeaways

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Rexona/Unilever commissioned the development of an iPad application to promote their new product featuring Motionsense technology. The goal was to educate customers on how this innovative solution works. The concept centered around using Augmented Reality (AR) to make the can appear transparent, revealing the special capsules inside, and providing a personalized experience of their functionality.

Promoters engaged potential customers in hypermarkets, inviting them to use the iPad with the specially developed application. When users directed the iPad towards the can, surrounded by a cut-out print, the AR app made the can appear transparent, as if the iPad was an X-Ray device, revealing the capsules inside. Users were then prompted to interact by pushing the top of the can on the screen, causing 3D capsules to emerge.

The next step involved shaking the device to simulate body movement and friction, demonstrating how the capsules burst to prevent sweat. This interaction helped users understand the core concept of the technology: the more you move, the more protection you receive.

The app was designed to operate in both Arabic and English, catering to a wide audience in the Middle East. As part of the service, training sessions were conducted for the promoters to ensure they were proficient in using the app. Tablet applications offer significant advantages, as they are interactive, surprising, engaging, and can be deployed simultaneously in multiple locations without additional costs.

Overall, the AR application developed for Rexona/Unilever's Motionsense technology effectively showcased the product's features in an engaging and innovative way, enhancing customer understanding and engagement.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read