Roxy: The AR Companion at SEA LIFE Aquariums

Roxy AR chatbot educates, entertains, and rewards SEA LIFE visitors


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Roxy, the world's first AR chatbot, is revolutionizing the visitor experience at SEA LIFE aquariums, especially for families with children aged 4-10. Available through a free app, Roxy entertains, educates, and rewards visitors with engaging challenges designed to enhance their understanding of the marine creatures they encounter.

Using augmented reality sparingly but effectively, Roxy appears as a cute, animated character, engaging young visitors in a way that fires their imagination and leaves a lasting impression. Children can chat with Roxy and pilot her various craft, including a ray-like submersible and a flying machine, adding an element of adventure and exploration to their aquarium visit. Roxy encourages kids to quiz their grown-ups on the facts they've learned, reinforcing their learning experience. By the end of their visit, children become fully-fledged Junior Rangers, rewarded with Ranger Cards for their participation.

Roxy is designed to feel like a SEA LIFE curator or aquarist, adding a level of believability to her character. Her vehicles allow kids to virtually explore the tanks, creating a sense of shared discovery and deepening their relationship with the aquarium and its inhabitants.

The impact of Roxy's AR experience has been remarkable. Independent trials have shown that visitors using the app spend on average 25% longer in the aquarium compared to those without, exceeding the initial target of a 10% increase in dwell time. Additionally, visitors using the app reported significantly higher satisfaction scores and perceived value for money from their SEA LIFE experience.

Beyond the business impact, parents and children alike have expressed excitement and delight with their interactions with Roxy. Parents appreciate the educational benefits of the app and note how it encourages their children to slow down and engage more deeply with both Roxy and the sea creatures. Roxy's AR chatbot experience at SEA LIFE has transformed the way families interact with and learn about marine life, creating a memorable and immersive experience for visitors of all ages.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read