Schletter's House of Solar Innovation in the Metaverse

Demodern transforms Schletter's solar systems presentation with immersive metaverse


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Demodern assisted Schletter, a leading manufacturer of solar mounting systems, in their digital transformation journey into the industrial metaverse. Demodern's contribution involved creating the "House of Schletter," a virtual environment that serves as the company's new digital hub for showcasing their products and services in innovative ways.

In the solar energy sector, where significant investments are common, effective product visualization is crucial. The "House of Schletter" was conceived to provide a detailed yet accessible presentation of Schletter's product range, replacing traditional 2D websites and logistical trade show setups with an immersive online experience. This virtual space comprises three main areas: "The Weather Lab," "The Workshop," and "The Hub," each designed to cater to a diverse audience including solar installers, manufacturers, property owners, and organizations.

Central to the experience is the interactive exploration of Schletter's mounting systems in a 3D environment. This approach allows users to understand the systems' functionality and benefits, particularly their stability, through interactive elements and detailed product overviews. The foundation of the "House of Schletter" is Demodern's proprietary corporate metaverse platform, ensuring optimal performance across devices without compromising the high-quality 3D visualization of the products.

A key feature is the "Test Center," where users can actively engage with Schletter's mounting systems in various weather conditions, including simulations of sun positioning and extreme wind scenarios up to Category 12 hurricanes. Procedural animations dynamically simulate realistic environmental effects such as cloud movement, lighting changes, and wind impact, enhancing the understanding of product resilience.

To achieve this, Demodern developed an in-house 3D pipeline for optimizing CAD models of Schletter's products, ensuring accurate representation and interactive functionality within the virtual environment.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read