Selfridges' AW22: Augmented Reality Fashion Experience

Selfridges and ROSE revolutionize fashion retail with AR integration


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Selfridges, known for pioneering in-store experiences, partnered with ROSE to elevate their AW22 campaign by blending fashion with technology through augmented reality (AR). This collaboration aimed to create an immersive WebAR experience, turning their London flagship store into an interactive playground for fashion enthusiasts.

At the core of the initiative was an AR fashion show designed to bring the AW22 collection to life in a groundbreaking way. High-resolution green screen filming captured every detail of the collection, enabling virtual models to seamlessly inhabit users' physical spaces and the Selfridges store. Customers could interact with this digital display by scanning strategically placed QR codes, bringing the models to life right before their eyes.

The ability to resize virtual models allowed patrons to explore the intricacies of each garment and accessory, immersing themselves in the essence of the AW22 collection. This interactive experience not only enhanced the shopping journey but also showcased the fusion of creativity and innovation in fashion.

Beyond delighting shoppers, the AR fashion show served as a gateway to convenience and connectivity. The "Shop the look" feature enabled customers to seamlessly purchase items from the virtual runway, transitioning effortlessly from browsing to buying. Additionally, a capture button allowed users to create their own content within the AR environment, promoting personalization and creativity.

Selfridges' integration of AR into their AW22 campaign transcended traditional retail boundaries, offering patrons a captivating journey through the intersection of fashion and technology. The AR fashion show exemplified innovation, signaling a new era where digital experiences seamlessly blend with the physical world, reshaping the landscape of fashion retail.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read