Shiseido Ultimune Interactive AR Experience

Engaging microsite offers games, challenges, and virtual masterclasses for skincare


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Key takeaways

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The Shiseido Ultimune Interactive Microsite offers a variety of engaging activities suitable for all users. One highlight is the Ultimune Defender Adventure, where players battle against bad skin aggressors to explore the benefits of Ultimune products. Additionally, social media enthusiasts can participate in Shiseido's face yoga challenge using an Augmented Reality Instagram filter to complete simple exercises. Active participants stand a chance to win Lazada vouchers or Ultimune products as rewards.

In addition to the games and challenges, users can sign up for virtual masterclasses curated by Shiseido. These classes cover topics such as the art of happiness and high-intensity workouts, offering a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation. The primary goal of the interactive microsite is to raise awareness and generate excitement for Shiseido's Ultimune products. By offering engaging activities, Shiseido aims to build connections with customers in a meaningful and interactive way.

Upon entering the microsite, users can explore a range of activities:

1. Ultimune Defender Adventure: Players fight bad skin aggressors like Wrinkle zombies and Sagging monsters by shooting them down with Ultimune. This game showcases the benefits of Ultimune products in a fun and interactive manner.

2. Face Yoga Challenge: Participants can use Shiseido's Augmented Reality Instagram filter to complete face yoga exercises. By sharing their attempt on Instagram, users have the chance to win Ultimune products.

3. Virtual Masterclasses: Users can sign up for various virtual events, including barre, yoga, and happiness workshops. These masterclasses offer a holistic approach to skincare and well-being, aligning with Shiseido's commitment to overall skin health.

Overall, the Shiseido Ultimune Interactive Microsite provides a range of activities to engage and educate users about Ultimune products. Through these interactive experiences, Shiseido aims to strengthen its connection with customers and promote the benefits of its skincare range.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read