SIEMENS Healthineers VR Solution for Mammomat Exams

VR app reduces anxiety, showcases Mammomat for SIEMENS Healthineers

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SIEMENS Healthineers partnered with Knowledge Anywhere to address two primary objectives: reducing anxiety among female patients undergoing Mammomat exams and providing a digital sales tool for potential clients interested in acquiring the machine. The solution involved developing a VR Mobile App to showcase the Mammomat experience to both clients and patients.

Knowledge Anywhere, known for its e-learning solutions, collaborated with SIEMENS to create a mobile application aimed at enhancing the understanding and comfort levels of clients and patients regarding the Mammomat equipment. The challenge lay in effectively presenting the intricacies of this advanced medical device in a comprehensible and reassuring manner through virtual reality.

To achieve this, the team opted to build a VR Tour within a real hospital setting where a Mammomat device was installed. Utilizing Unity technology, Virtual Lab (VLAB) dispatched a team to conduct a 360-degree photo shoot of the hospital environment, capturing high-quality images from the entrance hall to the specific room housing the Mammomat equipment. These images were meticulously stitched together to create seamless, fully immersive 360-degree panoramas.

Within the VR experience, these panoramas were interconnected through portals, allowing users to navigate through different areas of the hospital and interact with knowledge points. These points were strategically placed to provide supplementary information in various formats, including audio, images, and videos, explaining the Mammomat exam process and equipment functionality.

The VR Mobile App, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, was internally distributed to the SIEMENS Healthineers team. This deployment enabled them to effectively demonstrate the capabilities of the Mammomat system to potential clients and offer a realistic preview of the patient experience, thereby supporting informed decision-making and reducing anxiety associated with the exam. In summary, the collaboration between SIEMENS Healthineers, Knowledge Anywhere, and Virtual Lab exemplifies the use of VR technology to enhance medical equipment demonstrations and patient education, ultimately improving the overall healthcare experience.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read