Sumitomo's AR Gearmotor Showcase

AR app showcases Sumitomo gearmotors with interactive 3D animations and features


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Gravity Jack collaborated with Sumitomo Drive Technologies to create the PT Experience Augmented Reality App, tailored for Apple’s iPad. This innovative app revolutionized how Sumitomo's sales representatives showcased their Cyclo and Bevel BuddyBox gearmotors. Utilizing AR technology, the app provided a detailed exploration of these products through lifelike 3D animations, offering customers an unprecedented view into their intricate mechanics.

The PT Experience allowed users to virtually interact with to-scale representations of Sumitomo’s gearmotors in any environment, eliminating the need for physical products to be present. By selecting the external view, users could examine a complete 360º perspective of each unit, gaining insights into its unique external features. Conversely, the internal view provided an inside look at the sophisticated arrangement of components and comprehensive design that define Sumitomo’s gearmotors. Additionally, the app facilitated direct communication with Sumitomo via email, locating nearby sales representatives, and accessing the company’s global website and product configurator.

Gravity Jack’s approach began with understanding Sumitomo’s goal of equipping their sales team with a powerful tool to educate customers about their product line’s intricacies. Through meticulous stages of user story development, wireframing, and UI design, Gravity Jack ensured seamless integration of AR capabilities into the app. The development phase focused on architecture and rigorous testing to guarantee the app met all functional requirements and delivered a flawless user experience.

Specifically designed for iPads, the PT Experience showcased Sumitomo’s gearmotors through high-fidelity 3D models embedded within AR environments. This immersive approach enabled Sumitomo to effectively demonstrate the superiority of their products compared to competitors, enhancing customer engagement and understanding.

In conclusion, the PT Experience Augmented Reality App by Gravity Jack for Sumitomo Drive Technologies redefined product showcasing by merging cutting-edge AR technology with comprehensive product education. It empowered sales representatives to present Sumitomo’s Cyclo and Bevel BuddyBox gearmotors with unparalleled detail and interactivity, setting a new standard for customer engagement in the industrial sector.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read