Super Insects: Revolutionizing Retail Loyalty with AR Engagement

Innovative AR loyalty campaign enhances customer engagement and brand affiliation

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The Super Insects campaign by Countdown, Craze, and Zappar utilized augmented reality (AR) to enhance customer loyalty and engagement. The campaign aimed to boost brand affiliation, educate, entertain, and drive footfall in-store, while offering value post-purchase. By blending physical collectables with digital experiences, the campaign sought to innovate traditional reward schemes.

The campaign centered around 72 collectable Insect Cards and 36 Puzzle Cards rewarded to customers spending $30 or more. The Super Insects App enabled users to scan these cards, revealing 3D insects in AR, along with interactive games and quizzes. This approach bridged the physical-digital gap, enhancing engagement and educational value.

Super Insects Flow

The AR experience extended beyond the checkout counter into the home, with content unlockable by scanning posters in-store. This encouraged footfall and provided a long-tail interaction. The campaign's flexibility allowed for full UI control, ensuring optimal performance in various environments.

Features like the collectors album, digital sorting of insects, and the explorer game deepened the educational experience. Face-tracking filters and the insect race game added fun and interactive elements, connecting the in-store experience with the digital world.

Super Insect 3 Tracking Types

The results were impressive, with millions of cards scanned, hundreds of thousands of face filters tried, and quizzes played. The campaign saw a significant increase in spend threshold growth and reached #1 in the App Store for education. Additionally, Super Insects won the Casper Auggie Award for Best AR campaign of 2021, highlighting its creative and commercial success.

In summary, the Super Insects campaign leveraged AR to create an engaging, educational, and innovative loyalty program, setting a new standard for retail loyalty campaigns in the digital age.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read