Support Mental Wellness: Interactive AR Photo Booth at JEM

Create AR photos to promote mental wellness at JEM’s booth

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Mental wellness is a collective responsibility, and shoppers at JEM can actively support mental health by visiting the NCSS Beyond The Label AR Photo Booth on level 3. This interactive experience begins when participants tap the touchscreen to start. They are then prompted to choose from a variety of pledge filters, each featuring a unique message aimed at promoting mental wellness within the community.

Once a pledge is selected, the camera activates and takes a photo of the user, accompanied by wellness mascots that appear around the image. After the photo is taken, the next screen displays tips on how to support mental wellness, providing valuable information to participants.

At the conclusion of the experience, a unique QR code is generated, allowing users to scan and download their photo. This makes it easy to share their support for mental health with others. The primary goal of this AR photo booth is to spread awareness and support for mental wellness through an engaging, interactive platform. By allowing participants to create and share photos with meaningful pledges, the booth aims to promote mental health awareness within the community.

This interactive AR photo booth uses motion sensors to detect each user’s shoulders, displaying AR mascot stickers on the photo. Located on level 3 of JEM shopping mall, the booth offers a meaningful and enjoyable experience for all visitors.Users begin by selecting from a series of specially designed pledge filters, each conveying a different supportive message for mental wellness. After choosing a filter, the booth’s camera captures a photo, adding AR mascots onto the user’s shoulders. This creates a visually engaging and supportive image.

Before the experience ends, the booth displays useful tips on how to spread awareness for mental health. Participants can then download their photo using a unique QR code generated by the booth. This interactive process not only promotes mental wellness but also encourages participants to share their commitment to supporting mental health with their community.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read