Tech-Forward Pride: Mastercard's Metaverse Celebration

Mastercard celebrates LGBTQIA+ community inclusivity in Metaverse


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Mastercard, in partnership with agencies VIA and Carat, selected LandVault to enhance pride celebrations in the metaverse as part of their 'Your True Self is Priceless' campaign. This initiative celebrates embracing one's authentic self and aligns with Mastercard's commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community, demonstrated by the introduction of True Name in 2019, allowing transgender and non-binary cardholders to display their chosen names.

Led by VIA & Carat, the campaign aimed to bring VIA's design vision to life in the metaverse, with LandVault managing and building the entire activation space. This space included a community center, dance floor, and area for live events, all centered around the sponsorship of historic New York City Pride.

LandVault provided an end-to-end solution, supporting the project from virtual land rental to influencer collaborations. The activation was hosted on LandVault's land (6x5) in Decentraland, rented by Mastercard for the campaign's duration. LandVault's land concierge service accepted monthly payments in fiat currency, reducing barriers to entry for clients. Collaborating with influencers and creators such as Shanée Benjamin, Rahemur Rahman, and Laurel Charleston, LandVault delivered collectible wearables within the Pride Plaza, allowing participants to express their true selves. This strategy was successful, with over 1,000 collectibles redeemed during the activation.

The Mastercard Pride Plaza provided a space for community members and allies to connect authentically. For example, attendees were invited to write candid, handwritten letters to their younger selves, reflecting on their journey to embracing their true selves. LandVault implemented video capabilities for this purpose and hosted Q&A sessions with influential LGBTQIA+ community members. The campaign achieved significant visibility and engagement, recognized by AdAge as the top metaverse experience in June. Overall, the activation garnered over 100,000 minutes of engagement, highlighting its success in reaching and resonating with audiences in the metaverse.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read