Tipperary Food Producers VR Education Program

VR tour educates children on food sources, nourishing food importance


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Fourth Reality collaborated with Bablefís and MPowered Collective for Tipperary Food Producers, creating a virtual reality (VR) experience showcasing local artisan food producers. The VR tour aimed to educate primary school children about food sources and the importance of nourishing food through experiential learning.

The project involved visiting six local food producers, capturing the essence of their artisanal products and production processes in 360-degree video with spatial audio. The footage was later edited for viewing on 15 VR headsets during the school tour.

Fourth Reality Tipperary VR Food Tour 360 Video Books

Complementing the VR experience, each child received a beautifully illustrated book, "The Tipperary Food Tour," and a workbook to engage with teachers. Branded Google Cardboard VR headsets were also provided to schools for future VR viewing using smartphones.

The VR tour received enthusiastic responses from students, teachers, and producers alike. The immersive experience allowed over 800 children to virtually visit and learn about various food producers, including Magners chicken farm and Cashel Blue cheese, in a way that would not have been feasible through traditional means.

Fourth Reality Virtual Reality Classroom Experiences

This initiative highlighted the value of VR in education, particularly in scenarios where physical field trips are challenging. The VR tour provided a unique and engaging learning experience, demonstrating the potential of technology to enhance education and connect students with real-world concepts in a meaningful way.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read