Toyota Enhances Remote Collaboration with Vuforia Chalk

Toyota improves safety and efficiency with remote collaboration using Vuforia Chalk


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Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) maintains stringent regulations for managing confidential information across its global locations, including headquarters, local sites, and plants. Effective communication can be challenging for Toyota employees and subcontractors working remotely. Toyota, with an 80-year history as the automotive arm of Toyota Industries Corporation, has evolved into one of the world's top car manufacturers. Headquartered in Toyota City, the company has R&D, production, and sales facilities worldwide.

The Challenge: Toyota's production engineering and production staff oversee the installation and maintenance of manufacturing lines and plant buildings globally. Local Toyota personnel and subcontractors typically handle this work, necessitating visits from overseeing departments to ensure safe and correct operations.

The Solution: Ms. Aya Miyazaki and her team discovered PTC's Vuforia Chalk as a secure communication solution that meets information restrictions. Vuforia Chalk enables remote collaboration between subject matter experts and workers through live video, audio, and real-time digital annotations on shared views.

The Impact: Vuforia Chalk allows subcontractors to resolve complex challenges with expert guidance. Its ease of use and security features made it a preferred choice for Toyota. The tool was customized to meet Toyota's security standards, ensuring no data is saved on devices. This has streamlined communication, reducing the need for physical site visits and enhancing safety and efficiency in operations.

Mr. Yusuke Nohara praised Vuforia Chalk for its convenience in sharing and communicating instructions effectively. The tool has eliminated the need for frequent travel by section managers, saving time and resources. It has also improved communication within the organization, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. Overall, Vuforia Chalk has significantly improved safety and communication at Toyota's manufacturing plants and has proven valuable across various departments.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read