Transform Your Packaging with AR

Use AR to enhance packaging, boost sales, and engage customers


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Key takeaways

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Your packaging can be more than just flat – AR can turn it into an interactive media channel, enhancing visibility on shelves and building brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Benefits of AR in Packaging

Extended Interaction: AR increases engagement time by 55% compared to traditional advertising.

Market Expansion: AR campaigns can boost market share by 3%.

Consumer Demand: 78% of consumers want more information than what's on the packaging.

Boost Sales

Increase brand recognition and consumption by making packaging more interactive. AR can boost sales by up to 15% through product education and promotional activities.

Enhance Brand Engagement

AR connects with customers anywhere, offering valuable experiences that increase engagement time by 55% compared to traditional advertising. Use AR to enhance loyalty programs, CSR initiatives, sponsorships, and more.

Gain Consumer Insights

AR packaging provides direct customer engagement, offering real-time, actionable insights about when, where, and how long customers interact with your products.

Effective AR Applications in Packaging

Loyalty Programs: Use digital rewards to encourage purchases without reducing margins through discounts or gifts.

Promotional Partnerships: Enhance brand and partner value with AR-enhanced packaging.

Data Collection: Encourage customers to scan packaging and share details, gathering valuable data.

Sustainability: Turn packaging into a digital discovery channel to help customers make informed, sustainable choices.

By integrating AR, packaging becomes an interactive experience, driving sales, increasing engagement, and providing valuable consumer insights.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read