Transforming Education: St. Mark’s Experience with ClassVR

ClassVR enhances education with immersive, cross-curricular AR/VR experiences


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Key takeaways

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St. Mark’s School, committed to excellence, embraced ClassVR, an innovative tool introduced by Solutions IT, for its potential to revolutionize education. Head of Digital Learning, Kelly Curran, immediately recognized the impact of ClassVR in enhancing student engagement and learning experiences. Impressed by ClassVR’s ease of use and extensive content library, Kelly introduced 16 headsets with a charging case to make the technology accessible across the school. The portability of the storage case allows for easy movement between classrooms, ensuring the headsets are always ready for use.

ClassVR’s immersive AR and VR capabilities have benefited all subjects, making it a valuable resource for cross-curricular use. Teachers can easily integrate ClassVR into various lessons, using AR or VR content as a stimulus and creating quizzes based on the experiences. The technology not only sparks student excitement but also supports the guided inquiry process. ClassVR’s content library facilitates open and immersive exploration, allowing students to gather visual information. Additionally, students can create their own content, such as 360 photos and videos, to demonstrate their learning, further enhancing their understanding.

Kelly highlights ClassVR’s effectiveness in introducing new topics and reinforcing learning. For instance, the tool can generate interest and excitement about a topic like the solar system, providing a virtual experience that complements traditional teaching methods.

ClassVR’s global presence and local support have made it a valuable asset for St. Mark’s. Used in over 90 countries and 200,000 classrooms worldwide, ClassVR is praised for its durability, curriculum-aligned content, and teacher-friendly design. With minimal training required, teachers can easily integrate ClassVR into their lessons, supported by a local partner for any questions or assistance.

In conclusion, ClassVR has transformed learning at St. Mark’s, providing students with immersive experiences and deepening their understanding across various subjects. Kelly and the school community are enthusiastic about the positive impact ClassVR has had on student engagement and learning outcomes.

Rrahul Sethi
June 14, 2024
5 min read