Transforming Factory Tours: The ARTC Smart Factory AR Experience

ARTC's AR app enhances factory tours with interactive digital replicas


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The ARTC Model Factory AR project aims to revolutionize the traditional factory tour experience by leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology. Traditionally, conducting physical tours of manufacturing facilities requires substantial manpower and may not always effectively convey complex information. Moreover, visitors often have limited takeaways after the tour ends.

To address these challenges, a smartphone-based AR application was developed in collaboration with ARTC. This innovative solution consists of several key components. Firstly, visitors can access a 3D overview of the factory processes through an interactive map. By downloading the ARTC app on their smartphones and scanning the map, they can visualize the flow of information between individual machines and the Manufacturing Intelligent Control Room in a three-dimensional format. This not only enhances understanding but also provides a tangible asset that visitors can take home.

Secondly, the AR app offers station-based 3D machine visualization and interaction experiences during the physical tour itself. As visitors approach each machine, they can scan designated areas to unlock additional information or interact with detailed, photo-realistic 3D models of the machines. This interactive approach significantly enriches the tour experience, allowing visitors to gain deeper insights into the workings of each machine.

Navigation functions within the app facilitate self-guided tours, offering flexibility in tour arrangements for the ARTC team and ensuring a seamless visitor experience. By integrating AR technology into factory tours, ARTC has not only modernized the way information is presented but also laid the groundwork for the innovative concept of Digital Twins.

The AR app serves as a testing ground for Digital Twin technology, which involves creating digital replicas of physical machines. Once these machines are equipped with sensors, their digital counterparts can interact in real-time, adjusting operations based on data received from their physical counterparts. This bi-directional connection allows for instantaneous adjustments, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness within manufacturing processes.

In conclusion, the ARTC Smart Factory AR app has transformed factory visits into interactive learning experiences, offering both educational value and practical insights. By embracing AR and Digital Twin technologies, ARTC has set a new standard for engaging and informative factory tours, positioning themselves at the forefront of digital innovation in manufacturing.

Rrahul Sethi
June 28, 2024
5 min read