Unilever's AR Boost for Lynx/Axe AI Launch

Unilever's AR campaign boosts Lynx/Axe AI engagement and sales


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Key takeaways

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Unilever collaborated with Zappar Creative Studio to create an immersive AR experience for the launch of their new special edition product, Lynx AI (Axe AI globally). This innovative campaign aimed to showcase the product, which was developed using artificial intelligence to create the perfect scent "created by robots for humans," and to engage customers in Germany and the UK.

Unilever sought an AR experience that would not only highlight the innovative nature of Lynx AI but also drive engagement and, in some markets, collect valuable first-party data through competitions. Zappar provided expertise in concepting, strategy, production, design, creative, technology, and optimization. The AR experience was deployed using WebAR, ensuring accessibility across various devices without the need for an app download.


AR Objectives

1. Increase Engagement: Engage customers with the Lynx AI product post-purchase.

2. Drive Sales: Boost product sales through increased brand awareness and incentives.

3. Data Collection: Collect first-party data post-purchase through competition entries.

AR Solution

The campaign had two versions: one for the UK, featuring a competition in partnership with UK rapper Aitch, and another for global markets, focusing on generating buzz and engagement through on-pack effects. In the UK, customers could scan a code on the pack to spray a virtual can, revealing a code for a chance to win an iconic house party with Aitch. The experience also included a volumetric video of Aitch introducing Axe AI and the competition.

series of AR portals

For other markets, customers could scan the pack to access a series of AR portals. Tapping to reveal the code triggered animated spray particles that collided with an invisible 3D phrase, revealing the code word floating in gyro space. Customers could then enter the competition via the touchpoint, providing their code and contact details, capturing valuable first-party data in an engaging way. This spray can and particle experience was rolled out to other markets for Axe AI, currently live in Germany.

Project Outcomes

The AR experience was launched in multiple markets and achieved high levels of success, with over half of the users entering the competition and a high scan rate. The campaign effectively showcased the innovative nature of Lynx AI/Axe AI and engaged customers in a unique and interactive way.

Rrahul Sethi
June 18, 2024
5 min read