Unleashing Kids' Potential with AR

MunchMunch uses AR to inspire kids with Munch's creative philosophy


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MunchMunch, an innovative creativity tool developed by Arcade in collaboration with MUNCH and Digital Catapult, aims to bring the artistic philosophies of Edvard Munch into the modern era, particularly for school children. This tool allows kids to create, edit, and share Munch-inspired artwork in various physical locations, blending traditional art methods with modern technology.

Initially conceptualized as #Unfinished, MunchMunch draws inspiration from Munch’s famously incomplete-looking work. Munch’s aversion to the pursuit of perfection, instead embracing experimentation, evolution, and raw self-expression, is a core philosophy that the tool seeks to impart to young users. In a world filled with social pressure and the pursuit of sanitized perfection, Munch’s legacy teaches that imperfection is not only acceptable but celebrated.

The platform promotes the idea that just as Munch’s art was unfinished and evolving, so too are the young artists themselves – perfectly imperfect and constantly growing. The aim is to encourage children to embrace their own unique, evolving creative processes without the pressure of achieving perfection.

MunchMunch enables children to create art using traditional methods, such as pen and paper. However, it elevates their creations into augmented reality at the touch of a button. This technology not only allows them to publish their work but also to continuously develop and remix it, fostering an ever-evolving celebration of creativity and self-expression. They can even remix and reinterpret the works of others, promoting collaboration and fresh perspectives.

The tool entered a closed beta phase in 2021, targeting hundreds of schools in Norway with a goal of reaching over 200,000 children. The success of this phase will determine whether MunchMunch evolves into a staple creativity tool within the Norwegian education system, with the potential for a global rollout. In essence, MunchMunch is about enabling children to freely explore their creativity, inspired by Munch’s fearless and evolving artistic philosophy. It champions the idea that creativity is a continual process of growth and expression, free from the constraints of perfectionism.

Rrahul Sethi
June 24, 2024
5 min read