VeeRuby's Tailored Unity Training

VeeRuby's tailored Unity training bridges theory with practical applications

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VeeRuby, an AR VR agency, was approached by a prestigious polytechnic college in Singapore for tailored Unity training for their students. Recognizing Unity's significance for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, the college sought a program to deliver a practical and engaging learning experience.

With a focus on meeting the college's specific needs, VeeRuby swiftly developed a customized Unity training program. This comprehensive curriculum aimed to equip students with a strong foundation in Unity, covering its interface, components, and scripting. Emphasizing a hands-on approach, the training included practical exercises and projects to apply learning in real-world contexts.

VeeRuby's trainers ensured an interactive and immersive learning experience by combining lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises. They provided personalized guidance and feedback, fostering discussions, questions, and student collaborations. This approach not only enhanced students' confidence in using Unity but also bridged the gap between theory and practice.

The results of the training program were exceptional. 95% of students reported increased confidence in using Unity, attributing it to the hands-on approach and practical exercises. Faculty members expressed high satisfaction, noting that the program met their expectations and provided valuable insights for their students.

As a result of the successful training program, VeeRuby received another batch of students from the college for training. The positive feedback and repeat business underscored the effectiveness of the program and VeeRuby's commitment to delivering exceptional services in the education sector.

In conclusion, VeeRuby's tailored Unity training program for the polytechnic college in Singapore showcased their expertise in AR and VR, delivering a practical and engaging learning experience for students. The program's success, as evidenced by student and faculty feedback, reaffirmed VeeRuby's commitment to excellence in education.

Rrahul Sethi
June 14, 2024
5 min read